What does it take to be more extraordinary than you already are?

What does it take to become unstoppable?

What does it take to live a life of awe and magic?

If you want your life to be different and to change for the better, YOU have to change.

You have to gain the courage to consistently go outside of your comfort zone, which can only happen if you erase your fears, negative self-talk and insecurities.

Leaping into the unknown moves you forward towards self-actualization. When you feel good about yourself and are not afraid, you’ll have the bandwidth to weather the inevitable speed bumps and many failures on the journey to more success. You’ll be able to soar to new heights, feel alive and fulfilled and stay there with relative ease.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
Live for the journey, not the destination.
~Neil Donald Walsch

So if . . .

. . . NOT being able to live a happy and fully-charged life and

. . . NOT being able to live to your full potential and leave a lasting legacy would be the ultimate PAIN for you then

. . . I am the *Magician* that can help you eliminate the obstacles and blind spots that you didn’t even know you have that are in the way of living to your full potential.

When you remove these obstacles for good, not only will you achieve more than you thought possible, you will also become a better leader, parent, lover and friend. And . . . you will never suffer the pain and regret of not living to your potential.

A nice bonus of eliminating deep-seated obstacles is that whatever struggles with health and weight, relationships and emotional well-being can also be resolved.

The first step to change is awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know, so I’m here to share some insights with you.

get to rootsSelf-imposed obstacles are rooted in old significant emotional events. These young parts of you are silently holding onto fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs that can:

  • Make you settle and play small
  • Make you feel like a fraud when you do achieve success
  • Make you unhappy despite having money, status and stuff
  • Make you have health and weight issues
  • Make you self-sabotage when you are two feet from gold
  • Make you unable to break through the “glass ceiling” to an even higher level
  • Make you repeatedly attract conflict-ridden relationships
  • Make you have a midlife crisis

If you don’t make peace with the past, it can keep showing up in the present. This is why you could be feeling some emptiness despite your track record of success. Your personal and professional life will only grow to the extent that you invest in your personal growth.

You may not even be aware of the parts of you that don’t feel “good enough.” These are the voices (I’m not good enough… who do I think I am) that are hidden in the subconscious that come up every time you try to take quantum leaps personally and/or professionally.

You may have grown up with the most loving parents but the bullies that made fun of you, the cutie pie that rejected you at the junior high school dance or the teacher that said you’re not that smart, can have lasting repercussions in adulthood. When you rescue these parts of you out of the past, the programming of your internal “software” can be permanently upgraded.


Many programs don’t go deep enough. Majority of self-help books, guru seminars, therapists and coaches don’t go deep enough to pull the roots of your limiting beliefs “weeds” out.

I guide you to get to the roots of the REAL reasons why you are stuck. I guide you through the magical process using one of the most powerful psycho-spiritual healing modalities there is, Internal Family Systems.

You may have talked about your emotional skeletons ad-nauseum during therapy but if you are still haunted with self-doubt and/or still can’t break through to higher levels, then you haven’t been guided experientially into the subconscious to safely access those vulnerable parts of you so that you can heal and positively transform them for good.

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Here’s a testimonial about Internal Family Systems modality of healing from the psychiatrist who wrote a blurb for my book:

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model of psychotherapy that helps manage and potentiate the human condition. It is one of the most accessible, intuitive, effective and permanent forms of healing available. Emily has done an outstanding job of bringing IFS to the general population. How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk is clear, a joy to read and highly relatable. By getting to know our parts, we can overcome life’s obstacles and live life with more love and compassion. –Frank Anderson, MD, Psychiatrist, Chairman of the Foundation for Self Leadership

By the way . . . I’m not a psychotherapist. I’m one of the few non-therapists trained in this healing modality to help you move forward, to go from good to great to extraordinary. I also combine other coaching techniques in addition to Internal Family Systems. If you want to keep blaming your past or blame others for your present realities, I would not the right fit for you. Please seek the help of a therapist.

I guide you to heal yourself. YOU, your highest self, holds the power to unburden your vulnerable young parts of their fears, negative beliefs and insecurities. As a result of positive reprogramming from your highest self, your self-image, confidence and self-esteem can soar and you can courageously unleash the best version of you.

“You will not attract what you want into your life, you will attract who you are.”
-Law of Magnetism

Couple in Romantic EmbraceThe spotlight of your most extraordinary self makes you magnetic and unforgettable. When you are not afraid to show up as the soul and spirit of who you really are, you will attract the people and the opportunities you need for your next level of success. I have seen miraculous transformations in my clients. They don’t recognize themselves, in a good way, after they’ve finished coaching with me. 

Read some real success stories here.

Want to join the exclusive 2% club of superstars? I can help you become one of these people living awe-inspiring extraordinary life of significance and contribution. (By the way . . . this 2% data comes from the famous psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow.) You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Taking the first step can change the course of your life forever!

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Warning: My services are not for you if you are not ready to make big positive changes for good. There’s no going back. You will be able to break the habit of being your old self. That’s why clients have called me a *Magician* (some have called me a Soul Alchemist).

The majority of people I coach are success-driven overachieving Ivy Leaguers and elite university graduates in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who have a track record of success and want to accomplish even more.

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