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poker card online,From efficient Heat-Free printing, to our revolutionary PaperLab recycling system, Epson technology makes the sustainable choice a simple one.

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To help people and businesses do play their part in protecting our environment, we focus on the details that make a world of difference. We deliver eco-efficient and eco-conscious technology that helps reduce energy consumption, enhance productivity and minimise the overall environmental impact of every product.,play free roulette games for fun

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For printing that reduces environmental impact, it pays to be cool. Our Heat-Free Technology does not use heat in the ink ejection process, which reduces energy consumption, saving energy, time and money in the process.
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Introducing the world’s first1 dry process office paper making system that turns waste paper into new paper. Unlike traditional paper production, Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology uses virtually no water2 in the process from start to finish. What could be cooler than that?

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We have committed to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to improve the outlook for people and planet for years to come. Learn more about our commitment.
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From printers for the home office or large enterprise, to complete paper recycling systems, we have a wide range of products that offer the benefits of our sustainable technology.,best online blackjack app

Heat-Free Technology
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EcoTank printers use Heat-Free Technology to reduce the energy used in printing, and refillable ultrahigh- yield supplies that bring down the cost per print and environmental impact.,pokerstars play for real money

Heat-Free Technology
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Our range of business inkjet printers uses Heat-Free Technology to save energy, eliminate warm-up time and reduce the replacement parts needed.,mgm online poker

Dry Fiber Technology

The world’s first dry process in-office secure paper recycler1 that turns waste paper into new paper, powered by our unique Dry Fiber Technology.

1. PaperLab is the first office paper making system to use a dry process, based on Epson research conducted in November 2016
2. A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system.  

Up to 85% less power consumption by Epson inkjet printers vs laser printers
Statistics above are based on results from internal testing conducted by Epson, using Epson L6550 ISO Color 12ipm vs Laser model ISO Color 22ppm test for power consumed to print 20 pages. Testing single page A4 document of ISO Office Final PDF (ISO/IEC 24734). Each test was conducted twice by Epson to ensure consistency of results. Both printers have been tested under same conditions.

Up to 85% less CO2 generated by Epson inkjet printers vs laser printers
Annual CO2 output calculations were based on JEMAI-LCA Pro, Cedar tree CO2 absorption calculations were based on Japan Forestry Agency standards of 8.8kg CO2 per annum per tree.

Up to 59% fewer replacement parts of Epson inkjet printers vs laser printers
Statistics above are based on results from internal testing conducted by Epson. Comparison models were selected from among the top-selling 50% of A4 color laser printers (21-30ppm class) listed in IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker 2019Q3 data CY2018Q4-CY2019Q3 results. The volume of consumables and replacement parts needed to print 200K pages was calculated by Epson based on yields published by the manufacture for each model. Quoted yields are stimulated figures calculated by Epson based on ISO/IEC24712 methodology.