Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to be an Ivy Leaguer to coach with you?

No. 80% of my clientele are Ivy Leaguers and the other 20% are just really smart and over-educated people who want to BE more, DO more and LIVE more and realize the full potential of who they can be.

Since I’m an Ivy Leaguer (Cornell), I get you.

  • I get you have overachieving and perfectionistic parts that demand nothing but the best.
  • I get you have to sometimes dim your light to fit in and to not intimidate others.
  • I get that you have internal angst that others don’t seems to understand.
  • I get you can feel lonely despite the outward trappings of success.
  • I get you want to stop settling and go bigger and bigger.
  • I get you because I’ve chased after the same things you have and ended up in a big ball of angst in my early 40’s (I’m 52 now). (Read my full story in my book How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be Extraordinary.)
  • I get what you have to overcome in order to get what you want because I’ve been through this journey. The first 49 years of my life was just the “training wheel” that led me to my soul’s calling of helping you get unstuck and unleashed.

You sound too good to be true with the BOLD claims you’re making. How are you going to get to the bottom of my angst when I’ve already tried self-help, therapists, coaches and big guru program that didn’t deliver?

I know you don’t want to get your hopes up . . . again.

Each time you’ve been promised redemption and the results were only temporary. Well, not this time because what I take you through is the missing piece in your personal development journey.

Because I know how powerful Internal Family Systems modality of healing is from my own experience and from witnessing clients get unleashed, I want you to experience what’s possible. So I practically gift you the first deep-dive session and I offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. (For the record, no one has asked for their money back.)

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If you have gone through years of therapy and still feel like you are carrying a backpack full of burdens, then this healing will be “clean up” duty to get rid of the residual negative energy. You will feel lighter and better about yourself, I promise.

If you’ve never done inner work and you are high-functioning and psychologically healthy, then this is perfect for you too. This deep and powerful process can permanently and positively shift your self-image so that you can take courageous and fearless action.

I only take clients that are ready to take quantum leaps. If you have a hard time coping with life, then you are not ready to be unleashed. Please seek the help of a licensed mental health provider.

Clients describe their experiences with me as “Emily, you’re the *Magician* that helped me to turn on the lightbulb of the real me. Now I am ready to take inspired action and make things happen.” Read real success stories here.

No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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How long do I have to work with you to get results?

My #1 goal is to make myself obsolete. My job is to help you erase your fears, insecurities and self-doubt and unleash the best version of you. I’m here to guide you to grow wings so you can confidently lead yourself and soar to new heights.

How fast is this going to happen? I can’t say until we look “under the hood” and see the gap of where you are now vs. where you want to be. How fast will also depend on the willingness of your “system” will let you transform. We may need to address the parts of you that are afraid of change first before your inner landscape will allow you to unleash.

This is why I need to take you through a session so that you can experience the release of an old burden. Every client has said, “Wow . . . this is DEEP . . . I’ve never experienced anything like this with a therapist or a coach. Now I understand the process of how I can finally get unstuck.”

The sessions are longer than the usual one-hour model of coaching and therapy. We finish what we start. You will feel good after every session. I never leave you “hanging” in the middle of a vulnerable memory with, “Our time is up, let’s continue this next time.”

You may need anywhere from 4-10 deep-dive sessions (1.5 to 2 hours each) for a total of 8-20 hours of coaching. Since each situation is different, I need to take you through the first session so that I can propose a plan of action based on what is uncovered.

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Note: I do want to warn you that one deep-dive session will get you started on your path to greatness but it won’t completely transform you yet into your most extraordinary self. After you finish coaching with me you will probably need tune-up sessions in the future. That’s because when you keep taking action outside of your comfort zone and you are manifesting, new fears will come up. (I still invest in mentors and coaches to help me as I go bigger and bigger.) Every successful person that has made it big have mentors and coaches.

Will I have homework after the sessions to make the transformations last?

Very little. The permanent shifts happen during each 1.5 to 2 hour sessions. No risk. Satisfaction guaranteed or else you get your money back! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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How much will this cost me?

In order for your life to change, it will require an investment in time, energy and financial resources.

  • What is it costing you emotionally, physically and spiritually to NOT get your challenges solved?
  • Can you keep living like this for the rest of your life?
  • What is it worth to you to be alive and actualized?

If you qualify, your first will be $750 $97. Why do I practically give it away? Because almost every single client have come to me with stories of disappointment from investing in therapists, coaches and other types of healers. So they naturally are skeptical about my promises.

Because the work I do is SOOO powerful and deep and because I know the shifts that are possible for you, I want you to experience it to believe it. So for qualified applicants, 1.5 to 2 hours of my time are yours for peanuts. And . . . I’ll even give you your money back if you are not satisfied. There is absolutely NO RISK for you.

Based on what happens during this initial session and we decide that we are a match to work together, I can propose a plan to move forward.

I just want to be happy . . . find a better job . . . find a loving partner, etc. Can you help me?

Well, if these are your only goals, then a therapist or career coach would be a better fit.

I work with people who already have a track record of success. If you want to shine the full wattage of your greatest self so that you can self-actualize and leave a lasting legacy, then let’s talk.

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Do I have to tell you everything about my past?

NO! In fact, I don’t need to know anything about the details of the old emotional scars (unless you want to share them). We are working with the parts of you that hold negative beliefs and feelings that came from devaluing experiences. If you’d rather keep the details private, you can talk to your parts silently. This is the beauty of the Internal Family Systems’ model.

Let me assure you that what you have gone through is not unique or embarrassing. I’ve heard it all. Everyone is more or less experiencing the same thing. They’re just not saying it out loud.

When the “dark cloud” lifts, your energy will positively shift and the transformation lasts.

What’s the difference between your coaching and psychotherapy?

Therapy is for resolving deep psychological issues including mental illness, suicide, addictions, traumas, abuse, daily coping skills, etc. Therapy emphasizes recovery and the achievement of functional mental health.

Once you understand who you are and are emotionally healthy, coaching is the next step. Coaching takes you from good to great to extraordinary. Coaching guides you to dream big. Coaching gives you the confidence to take your life to the next level and to go beyond your comfort zone to unleash your full potential.

Are your services covered by insurance?

No, coaching to your greatness is not covered by insurance.

Where does the coaching taking place?

On Skype or FaceTime. I need to see your expressions and emotions when I take you through the magical transformation process.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. I accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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