Gigi was VERY skeptical at first and then she was she blown away!

GigiI have been searching for over 30 years to overcome the emotional baggage that has weighed me down, and held me back from improving my life personally and professionally. I was very skeptical when I met Emily… another coach writing a self-help book and claiming that her methodology would finally cure me. I was worried it was another ‘re-parent your inner child’. Groan!

Boy was I wrong! I have no words for what we accomplished in just one deep-dive session. I feel like a 30-pound weight was lifted. Trust me: I’d been to counselors, ‘talked’ over the traumas and the issues, worked with energy healers, was told ‘which chakras’ were out of alignment. I mean everything. And still the issues were there. The critical voices just wouldn’t stop. This also contributed to attracting the wrong men over and over again.

In our first session, I reclaimed parts of my soul and life, and cleared some major burdens and beliefs taken on as a child: “I’m supposed to be alone; happiness always costs; better to keep people at a distance than to get hurt when they leave”. The system she uses is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I can’t recommend it highly enough. And Emily herself was a big part of the equation for me. She holds the space and has great empathy in a way that honors the process. 

I came home to my true self. I have reclaimed the soul I lost through my traumas. I finally feel WHOLE. My confidence and self-image have sky rocketed and now I know for sure that I can unleash the best of who I am and attract the ideal partner. The more I coached with her, the more I released. I am literally transforming from the inside -out. I keep feeling better and better about myself. She is truly a magician. Emily continues to be my mentor as I do the scary things to take my life to the next level. -Gigi Abdel-Samed, MD, MBA, FACEP (Cornell)


20 year debilitating struggle with back pain cured in 4 hours!

JB Owen e-1I knew there was another level of my greatness I can unleash but I was in my own way with all the emotional burdens I was holding onto from the past. I had suffered from 20 years of debilitating back pain that prevented me from doing more. In 4 hours, I was completely cured of my lifelong struggle with back pain. Emily guided me to uncover the childhood emotional pains that were stored in my back. I am pain free, feel amazing about myself and my life and I am manifesting what I want. Internal Family Systems changes your life and your beliefs about what is possible for your life. -JB Owen, Entrepreneur,


“Unleashed the REAL me that is now in driver’s seat of my life.”

I was stuck in a bad place for a long stretch and not manifesting what I wanted despite spending a lot of money on the personal development programs of well-known gurus. After reading Emily’s book, I felt a need to dive deeper and identify the parts of me still frozen in old memories—memories that were holding me back from living the great life I desired.

Emily guided me to erase the negative programming that held me back, allowing me to release the old burdens that weighed me down and drained my energy. I feel lighter and have greater joy about who I am in the present and what is possible for me in the future. Soon after I completed my coaching sessions with her, I had a new focus and clarity that enabled me to manifest exactly what I wanted. The modality of coaching she uses is truly magical to unleash the real me that is now in the driver’s seat of my life. -Patrick, MD, MBA


No more insecurities! Increased happiness, joy and resilience.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.37.01 PM“Did you ever have the feeling of being stuck and unmotivated, even though everything is supposedly going your way?  When I first met Emily, I had just received funding to start my dream business and my wife had just given birth to our second child. I felt better than I had in years, and yet a part of me still felt unhappy, unmotivated, and undeserving of success. I felt held back, and I could not figure out why.

Emily coached me using a cutting-edge technique and it was nothing short of miraculous! In just a couple of deep-dive sessions, bad memories and insecurities that had held me back for my whole life suddenly lost their power, and I began to feel a kind of lightness and joy I had never experienced before and that lasts to this day. Now, I experience a baseline level of happiness and resilience in the face of negative events that I never thought possible before Emily took me through her program.” -Jonathan Twombly, Real Estate Investor, (Harvard, Columbia)


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Soaring self-image and confidence!

Montserrat“I found this experience to be incredibly revealing and empowering. It was quite ‘trippy’ to come face-to-face with my fears – at first quite frightening, and then a sense of relief to conquer them. By discarding the faulty programming from childhood that held me back from truly believing in myself, I finally believe without a shadow of a doubt that I deserve to be where I am professionally. My self-image and confidence have soared, which in turn is helping me to succeed at work, be a better mom, and a happier person.” -Montserrat Anguera, Ph.D, Professor (Cornell, Harvard, Penn)


Connected to my true self and my life positively changed 180 degrees!

I was searching desperately on how to let go of the past because I was sick and tired of the negative and insecure energy attracting negative things into my life. My emotional baggage heavily contributed to my lack of confidence, especially in my love life. Psychoanalysis only analyzed things and it didn’t give me a way to release the past and move forward. I didn’t know how to tap into my potential because I was just too afraid to open up and be myself because voices from the past stopped me from thinking I was special. I didn’t feel good enough or worthy enough to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

After working intensely with Emily over a few months, my life changed 180 degrees. I do not recognize myself, in a good way. I’ve had a “self-image” makeover. Now I know for sure that great things are going to continue to happen because:

  • My old negative beliefs have been permanently erased and my mind has been positively rewired.
  • I seem to magnetically attract a whole new group of friends, with a social life that is amazing.
  • I’m no longer afraid.
  • I feel more confident and more beautiful than ever before; people compliment my on my “amazing glow.”
  • I’m calmer and so much happier; I wake up with enthusiasm and joy every day.
  • I’m appreciating the gifts the negative events have taught me. 
  • I connected to my true self and being myself for the first time!! Seems like I matured decades! 
  • I can take criticism constructively now because I don’t take things so personally anymore. I’m now motivated to keep up a health and fitness routine. 
  • Not jealous of others anymore.
  • I started enjoying my work and getting better at it every day; within weeks, I attracted some amazing new opportunities at work.
  •  After 13 years, I stopped smoking, effortlessly.

-Christina, 31, Attorney in Austria


 Inner “civil war” eliminated.

Steve Giron2I wanted to fulfill my soul’s calling, and to be well known for my work. But I knew I had self-doubt and negative self-talk holding me back. Not being able to confidently self-express fully prevented me from taking the steps to go BIG.

What Emily guided me through was truly magical and transformational. I was able to get to the root causes of insecurities and change the limiting beliefs into positive beliefs that now propel me forward. The negative thought patterns – the inner civil war – are no longer there. The “bad behaviors” have been significantly diminished, and all the “parts” of me that were at war with one another are now on the “team” that helps me to move forward in my personal and professional life. -Steven Giron, Ph.D, Higher Brain Living Facilitator, NYC

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Kevin couldn’t shake his negativity and misery… we found the source… got rid of it… and finally believes in himself and is much happier!

“By other people’s measures, I was always successful — a lawyer and businessman, degrees from three Ivy League schools, and a happy marriage and family. I never felt successful though. My dirty little secret was depression, which ranged from manageable to completely debilitating. Some changes helped relieve the depression a bit, like cognitive behavioral therapy and changing careers from one I hated to one I enjoy. But, even though I felt better, the depression never fully abated. I still felt very down at times – not enough to still be clinically depressed. I also felt as though there was a big hole within, a legacy of my parents’ divorce when I was very young and the various “injuries” that piled up after that over time. I kept trying unsuccessfully to fill the hole, but it was like trying to fill a bathtub with the drain open — it would never completely fill and it wasted a lot of water.

Even though people would describe me as self-confident, the truth was that in reality I felt horribly inadequate and lacking in confidence. It held me back from really being successful in my business and held me back from really going for the big goals that were necessary to make me feel like I was fulfilling my potential. Then I met Emily and she told me about how giving the younger parts of myself the reassurances each part needed that it never got would be helpful to take me to the next level.

Having been through years of therapy with only a slight improvement, I was naturally very skeptical that a few sessions could really change anything. But Emily really believed in the technique of “unconditionally loving your younger parts that hold the burdens of devaluing experiences” and was so enthusiastic about her own experiences going through it that I decided to try it. Emily took me through the process — 2 hours of giving myself the love and reassurances my 4-year-old self never got at the time that my parents divorced.

Astonishment’ is the only word that describes my feeling at the result. After just a couple of hours, I felt something had dramatically shifted. Therapy had helped me deal with my feelings, but this technique helped me heal their source! I couldn’t believe it. I actually felt better, felt like the emptiness inside had been filled. And the feeling lasted — it was not just a feel-good technique that pumped me up but then lessened over time. Emily’s coaching was the icing on the cake after years of therapy to finally rid of the negativity and the ‘dark cloud’ that held me back from feeling really happy.Since going through the coaching process, I have experienced a kind of phase shift in my happiness, because the negative memories from the past has really healed and Emily taught me how to love the younger parts of myself that held me back whenever the feelings come up — which they really don’t.

After energetically unloading the pains I suffered from my parents’ divorce at age 4, Emily took me through the process for a few other painful events — getting teased as a teenager, a particularly painful breakup with a college girlfriend — and, with Emily’s guidance, I feel that the pains and negative feelings from these awful experiences have also healed.As a result of Emily’s coaching, I feel more confident and I have a much more positive outlook towards life. I can’t remember feeling really ‘depressed’ since I started working with her, and my overall level of happiness have increased dramatically. The only way to describe how I feel is that I feel “lighter” somehow. For anyone who has struggled with depression in the past or bad childhood memories that hold you back from really getting the most out of life, I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. She is full of love and compassion and really a treasure.” – Kevin, 44, Entrepreneur, New York City (Princeton, Harvard)

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Source of money block revealed… Crystal’s 8-year-old self was holding her back.

crystal gifford“I started having money blocks at the same time I made a commitment to help others with their money issues. I had a dream that revealed that the money drama I’ve been having is not mine. I’ve taken it on because of my love for my family. I know I’m a powerful, wealthy woman with more than enough abundance but I’ve been hiding for the past 2 years under other people’s stuff. It’s time to let her shine.

Emily’s guidance with “parts” work took me to my 8-year-old self who acknowledged that I took on the idea of SUFFERING WITH those around me at the age of 8 due to my guilt that my mother had sent me to live with my grandparents but my sister and brother were with her in an abusive household and witnessed a terrible lifestyle. I chose to silently suffer and took on the idea that in order to belong and have a sense of community I must suffer with those around me, because my sister and brother were suffering. Thank God we uncovered that and I was able to release that part of me. That part, the unrealized part, that represented all the times I get “three feet from gold” and then everything falls apart has been transmuted to my “Power Surge” that gives that final boost of power right at the end of a goal to push it past the finish line and actually COMPLETE the work all the way through to the RESULTS!” –Crystal Gifford, Ph.D, The Wealth Doctor,


Carol overcame the insecurities that were triggered by her abusive husband.

“I was in couples and individual counseling to try to save a marriage. Unfortunately, the therapist did not provide any relief or explanation as to why I was feeling so badly for the emotional abuse my husband inflicted on me. She just said that he was traumatized from childhood and that I just have to accept it and deal with feeling horrible for a year while the divorce is finalized. (This explanation was not acceptable to me!) My husband constantly told me I wasn’t pretty enough, sexy enough or good enough. I was confused as to why I was so triggered by him despite my two Ivy League degrees and successful accomplishments as a Law Professor.

Emily’s was the gift from heaven that finally gave me the answers to why I was triggered and had such low self-esteem despite looking “perfect” from the outside. I realized that his traumas were the very reasons why he couldn’t be nice to me. He hates himself and he refuses to admit he needs help. In just two deep-dive coaching sessions, Emily made the connection for me that when he criticized me, it was triggering all of the parts of me that were criticized by my parents, never feeling I was ever going to be good enough since my brother was worshipped for being smarter than me. 

Emily guided me to “rescue” these parts that were stuck in the past that didn’t feel validated by my parents. I gave them all the love they needed to heal. My energy completed changed for the better in two sessions. I was over the relationship and stopped blaming myself as soon as I finished working with Emily. I feel compassion instead of anger for my ex now for the pains he must be going through. Now I know I won’t repeat the same pattern of attracting the same kind of abusive partner. I love myself unconditionally and believe I am good enough, sexy enough and attractive enough to attract my dream partner. My lighter and more beautiful energy is being noticed by everyone, especially men. I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life being with the Prince Charming that won’t abuse me and will love me for who I am.” – Carol, 39, Law Professor at Yale

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Brenda had NO IDEA what caused her to be stuck… we found the source in the very first session and got rid of it.

Brenda Gallagher Brenda Gallagher“I was in a miserable downward spiral for 5 years because of job loss and a bad break up. I had no self-worth and I couldn’t sleep… I just wanted to hide. Pills were not the solution to my unhappiness, they didn’t work because I was mentally healthy. I just needed to get my act together. I had NO idea the negative events of the past that I had swept under the rug and forgotten (out of sight, out of mind) were holding me back from joy, a job and dating.

Emily coached me to deal with the old experiences that left me with fear and frustration that I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW were preventing me from moving my life forward. The “black cloud” over my head disappeared almost instantly. My friends commented on how I seemed so happy and I looked brighterMen were actually paying attention to me asking me out… I hadn’t had anyone ask me out in a long time… I felt great and it’s been amazing! And, I am starting a new dream job I am so excited and happy. I thank Emily for the big change and it’s wonderful. – Brenda Gallagher, 54, Yoga Teacher


“… the lightbulb of the real me got turned on after working with Emily.”

magaret“I was stressed and couldn’t shake the “dirtiness” of my past which held me back from moving forward and showing up as my best self. I had a need to be liked and was concerned with what others thought of me and often felt victimized by others.

Emily helped me to “cleanse” the dirty past that contributed to my insecurities. I feel happier and “cleaner”. Others notice the difference and say I am “happier and lighter”. It’s like the light bulb of the real me finally got turned on. I’m laughing more and I’m more animated and confident. Now I prioritize myself, focus what matters most and I’m able to stop myself from being victimized by others. I realized I had a deep need to be loved at whatever cost and it compromised me. Now this is gone. I am more free to express my emotions and stand my ground around bullies. Now I believe I am capable to thrive in any environment. Because I am no longer afraid to trust now and because I believe in myself, I am attracting great relationships where I get to be the real me and am comfortable showing vulnerability. I’m grateful for the breakthroughs that Emily was able to achieve in just one 3 hour session. The positive permanent shift in how I feel about myself and how I show up just got better and better as time went on.” – Margo James, 46, Nurse

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“I gained the courage and confidence to land the next promotion.”

“I was stuck in misery full of fears and lack of confidence and self-esteem. It was affecting my abilities to get the courage to move up the ladder in my job. I had no idea the way authority figures negatively treated me in my childhood were holding me back from my desired levels of success.

Emily guided me to love the young parts of me that were bullied, shamed and rejected… especially the part where one of my teachers kept telling me that I was not as smart as the other kids and that I would not amount to anything. I unburdened my faulty beliefs, I finally started to love myself and believe in myself and my self-esteem finally started to improve. After a few months, my self-esteem improved to the point where I gained the courage and confidence to wiz through the tough interviews and was able to land the next promotion.-Michael, 39, Software Engineer, NYC


Kimle had NO IDEA what kept her stuck… we found the source in the very first session and got rid of it.

kimle nailer“I was stuck and sad with low self-esteem, sleepless nights, hourly hot flashes, procrastination, lack of focus and lack of motivation for 18 months. Emily guided me to energetically break free from my old emotional burdens. My life and soul purpose became crystal clear. I now BELIEVE in my heart and soul that I am lovable and worthy of everything I want. I am now on FIRE and on a clear mission – because I am NO longer afraid. My new state of joy from unearthing my greatness and life purpose has manifested more business and speaking opportunities than I could have ever imagined.

When my burdens released, my sleep restored immediately, my hot flashes went away for good, I lost 3 inches off of my waist in a couple of months because I WANTED to eat healthy and exercise to get the body I deserve to reflect how G-R-E-A-T I feel about myself.”  –Kimle Nailer, 51, Life Coach,

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Brandie McKay Coburn“I was struggling with a situation in a primary relationship that was beginning to affect my emotional well being and my physical health. Faced with what I saw as a decision of only two bad possibilities, I felt trapped and depressed. In just one session, Emily was able to guide me through some powerful activities that opened my mind and heart to an entirely new way of seeing my situation. Framed in the new light of deciding to use this challenge to grow myself in a whole new way, with Emily’s support, I was able to construct a course of action that I had never before considered. Now, instead of feeling trapped and depressed, I see this as a blessing and an opportunity to reach new levels of opening my heart and owning my power to create the life I want.”  –Brandie McKay Coburn, 38, Health Coach


Cyndi Smith“I was very unhealthy, hopeless, depressed and lost due to personal and professional circumstances.  With Emily’s guidance, encouragement and insights, I was able to get healthier and shed unwanted pounds, find compassion and love for myself and direction for my life.  I have never experienced this kind of support before.  Now I have focus and passion for my life and I continue to heal my body and soul from the inside-out. Emily is a gift from God.”  –Cynthia Smith, Disability Specialist, Spinal Cord Injury survivor

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Deb Pruitt“I had some self-doubt because of negative old tapes that have held me back from stepping out in a bigger way. Emily helped me to melt away the core critical feelings and that created a positive shift in how I feel about myself. I am now able to positively interact with my family. I no longer have a ‘wounded’ identity and I feel the freedom to express myself without worrying about what others will think.”  –Deborah Pruitt, PhD, Leadership Consultant,


Mea found relief immediately after guiding herself in the steps in my book. 

Mea“On the outside, I seemed happy, friendly, accomplished and “perfect”. The truth was I had a “dark cloud” I couldn’t shake. I felt anxious, unworthy, uncomfortable, desperate, and unloved with low self-esteem and no confidence. Self-help programs somewhat worked but I still felt held back no matter how much I tried to pull forward. I followed Emily’s process in the book and the results were unbelievable! I got to the root of the hurt that created my limiting beliefs. The negative feelings and beliefs and the weight of the past dissipated instantly. I am so much happier and “lighter” and now I have the confidence, courage and self-esteem to move forward.” –Mea Blauer, 36

mea aaron interviewListen to Mea’s radical transformation story here – in an interview with Aaron Kennard of Truly Amazing Life.



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